November 17, 2014

As we celebrate the final week of the campaign with drawings and prizes, here are a few words from past winners who shared why they choose to support Doing Good in the Neighborhood:

“I support DGIN because I like to know that my contributions help the community I live and work in. I feel like my small part makes a bigger impact because of the collective efforts of colleagues across Duke.”   —Katherine Franz, Chemistry

“As far as why I choose to donate, I am thankful to be able to do so, and just knowing that the little I am doing is helping someone makes me feel good. I am simply blessed to be able to be a blessing to someone else.”   —Lajeania Dixon, Duke Regional Hospital

“I like the fact that ‘Doing Good’ keeps an ear close to the community, alert to new projects that can make a real difference in people’s lives.”   — Victor ‘Stuart’ Wells, Office of News & Communications

“I’m a resident of one of the partner neighborhoods, and my son has just started kindergarten in one of the partner schools, so I have seen and experienced the impact of the Doing Good in the Neighborhood campaign first-hand. Donating to the annual campaign is the least I can do to help sustain and grow these important initiatives in my neighborhood, and across Durham.”   —Melissa Vetterkind, Office of Federal Relations

“Doing Good in the Neighborhood allows me to make a small impact in my community without even thinking about it. I am happy to chip in every month and proud of Duke for making it possible.”  —Charles ‘Casey’ Hart, Academic Advising Center

“I give to the program for a couple of reasons: 1) it’s easily accomplished through payroll deduction, 2) the programmatic foci align with my values, and 3) I like the approach of Doing Good in the Neighborhood: many donors create resources for diverse organizations, and it seems like there’s a focus on getting more people to participate in giving rather than just getting more out of an existing donor base.”  —Mary ‘Meg’ Welch, Duke Clinical Research Institute

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