November 30, 2015

Durham-based non-profit Partners for Youth Opportunity takes a holistic approach to creating a better future for Durham’s youth.

The 75 students enrolled in PYO receive academic support, the option to have a community mentor, job skills training, and an internship.

“The big word in our name,” says academic coordinator Dosali Reed-Bandele, “is opportunity. We are providing unique opportunities that they may not be exposed to. If we didn’t have PYO, it would be a dire situation for a lot of our students.”

The academic support programs take place on Duke’s campus, and Duke students serve as academic mentors to youth enrolled in PYO year-round. “They really respect the fact that the Duke students are willing to work with them on skills and concepts,” says Dosali. “They can relate to the Duke students and see that they can be just where they are a couple of years from now.”

Partners for Youth Opportunity is just one of many programs supported by Duke employees through Doing Good in the Neighborhood. Explore the youth empowerment category here.

With your help, we can continue this great work. Please consider making a donation today. You can make a donation here.

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