November 3, 2015

Alisa Johnson has lived in Durham, NC for thirty-three years.

A resident of the Burch Avenue neighborhood, Alisa is also the chair of the steering committee of the Southwest Central Durham Quality of Life Project.

QOL represents six Durham neighborhoods: Burch Avenue, West End, Lyon Park, Lakewood Park, Morehead Hill, and Tuscaloosa-Lakewood.

Since its founding in 2001, QOL has worked to improve the lives of its residents. In recent years, QOL has played a key role in helping to revitalize Kent Street Corner—home of the Durham Co-op Market—and is now part of the effort to restore the childhood home of Pauli Murray.

Watch the video to take a tour with Alisa and see some of QOL’s community-building work.

“People are a lot more powerful than they realize,” says Alisa, “especially when they make the decision to work together. Even the most daunting challenges become doable when you have a group of people who are committed to doing it.”

The Southwest Central Durham Quality of Life Project is just one of many programs supported by Duke employees through Doing Good in the Neighborhood. Explore the neighborhoods category here.

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