Duke Doing Good offers several ways to engage colleagues and work as a team to support a good cause. If your idea for getting involved isn’t covered below, contact us at doinggood@duke.edu.
We would love to hear from you!

Become a “Campaign Champion”

2016 Duke Doing Good Champions celebrate the fundraising kickoff with campaign staff.

Campaign Champions serve within their schools, departments or offices as advocates and spokespeople for the Duke Doing Good campaign. Champions use internal communication channels to share information about the campaign’s impact and how to donate. The role is unique in each Duke unit, depending on the time and interests of each Champion.

We are currently looking for Campaign Champions to serve in October of 2019. Sign up here

Campaign staff work to make the role of Campaign Champion as easy and rewarding as possible. We provide all requested materials, and we work with Champions to brainstorm how we can support their outreach to their colleagues. The goal of Campaign Champions is never to pressure their coworkers to donate, but to ensure they are aware of the campaign as a collective Duke effort.

To learn more about the roles of different Campaign Champions, to express interest in becoming a Champion, or to nominate a Champion for your department, contact us at doinggood@duke.edu.

Volunteer in the Community

Another way to give back during the Duke Doing Good campaign is to volunteer with local schools, nonprofits and neighborhoods. Campaign staff can connect individuals as well as departments with volunteer opportunities during the campaign kickoff in October as well as throughout the year.

Whether you and your colleagues would like to be plugged in to existing volunteer opportunities, or you would like a service event tailored to your interests and logistics, we are here to help. Contact campaign staff at doinggood@duke.edu or (919) 684-6296 to discuss your options.

Be sure to check the Duke Office of Durham and Community Affairs’ list of volunteer opportunities, too!

Duke Fuqua School of Business employees volunteer and cook a meal for residents at the Ronald McDonald House of Durham in May 2018.