Duke University covers the cost of campaign administration, so no administrative fees are deducted from donations to the Health, Neighborhoods, Schools, Young People and Community Care Fund categories. An administrative fee of 13% is deducted from donations to United Way of the Greater Triangle. This fee supports the United Way’s work to coordinate volunteers and support for communities in need.

You can manage your own payroll deductions through the Duke@Work self-service portal. Log on to Duke@Work at work.duke.edu, click on the My Info tab, then the My Pay tab, and then click on Gift Deductions to Duke or Doing Good in the Neighborhood link under Payroll Deductions.

For detailed, step by step instructions on how to set up a new deduction or manage your ongoing deduction, you can access this PDF of instructions or click “Instructions” on the Duke@Work site.

Please contact doinggood@duke.edu with any questions. We’re happy to help.

Participation in the annual employee giving campaign had declined from a high of 22% in 2001 to just 7% in 2008. Faculty and staff indicated they would be more likely to participate if given more options. As a result, the annual campaign was expanded to include schools and non-profit organizations that apply for funding through the five thematic categories administered by Duke: Health, Neighborhoods, Schools, Youth Empowerment, and the Community Care Fund.

When you donate through Doing Good in the Neighborhood, you can rest assured that your dollars are put to the best possible use in the community. Click here to see how gifts to United Way of the Greater Triangle are handled. For Duke-administered gifts — to the Health, Neighborhoods, Schools, Youth Empowerment and Community Care Fund categories — organizations submit detailed proposals and budgets indicating how they will their funds; Duke employees use a rubric to review each proposal; and all organizations granted funding submit detailed reports on how dollars were used.