At this time, Duke employees who give to a Duke Community Giving category (Health, Neighborhoods, Community Care Fund, Youth Empowerment, Schools) cannot earmark their donation for a specific nonprofit/organization.

However, through United Way, employees have the option of giving to specific nonprofits/organizations. There is a 13-percent United Way processing fee attached to United Way donations designated to specific nonprofits/organizations.

The United Way portal is here:

1) Sign in using your netID and password

2) Click on the “Give Today” bright orange button

3) Choose your preferred method of giving

4) Signify the amount you want to give

5) On that same page, under “Choose how you would like to invest your gift,” select “Designate to one of our focus areas, or directly to another nonprofit of your choice

6) You can look up the organization you want to give to or fill in the organization’s information.

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