When you donate through Duke Doing Good, you can rest assured that your dollars are put to the best possible use in the community.

For Duke-administered gifts to the Community Care Fund competitive grantmaking program, Triangle nonprofits submit detailed applications about how they plan to use the funding. Then, a review committee of Duke University and Duke University Health System employees review each application, using a rubric, and decide on how to allocate funding. Funded nonprofits submit end-of-year reports about how Community Care Fund dollars supported their project.

For Duke-administered gifts to the Health, Neighborhoods, Schools and Youth Empowerment categories, community partners must submit funding proposals to the Duke Doing Good campaign as well as follow up on how dollars were used by submitting end-of-year reports.

Gifts to United Way of the Greater Triangle are collected through Duke payroll deduction or by cash/check. Duke payroll sends United Way of the Greater Triangle the donations, and cash/checks are delivered in person by Duke Doing Good campaign staff to the United Way of the Greater Triangle office at The Frontier in Research Triangle Park. Click here to learn more about how United Way of the Greater Triangle uses Duke Doing Good funding for collaborative partnerships.

Year-round, we report back to Duke Doing Good donors about how funding is being used in the community, through the News webpage as well as in a quarterly e-newsletter.

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