2614 Crest St. Durham, North Carolina 27705

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About: Achievement Academy of Durham (AAD) is a nonprofit school free to students 16 to 24 years old who are pursuing their GED. AAD students gain critical reading skills, earn their GED, and complete college preparatory and job readiness training so that they can succeed in a post-secondary program and attain sustainable careers.

2017-18 DGIN funding will support AAD’s “Connecting to the Crest Street Community” student-led research program that will explore the history of Durham’s Crest Street neighborhood and conduct oral histories of the area. The grant will help cover stipends for up to five student researchers, lunch costs for students, transportation costs for students, small gifts for oral history participants, and costs associated with the creation of the print and online curriculum, as well as food and costs associated with the culminating event and staff leadership.

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