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DGIN recently funded these programs:

Foundations – A “first generation to college” program that helps students maintain grades, communicate and connect with helpful entities as well as engages parents in the learning process.

East Coast Game Conference – Students in grades 10-12 in the DSA Game Design Concentration attended the East Coast Game Conference (ECGC) to learn about the gaming industry from business leaders. The students attended a variety of presentations covering areas such as programming, art, business, audio and narrative.

Fishes Without Bicycles Club sponsored talk by Jacob Tobia – Fishes Without Bicycles sponsored a talk by Jacob Tobia, a genderqueer LGBTQ rights activist, to discuss feminism and LGBTQ experiences, as well as encourage students, parents and community members to learn from one another about communication and acceptance.

Enlaces – This strengths-based program worked to support the success of Latino students and to build parent leadership by fostering relationships and communication among youth, parents and schools; addressing community issues through curriculum-based workshops; and connecting families to school and community resources.

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