107 N. Driver Street 3rd Floor Durham, NC 27703

  • Fax: East Durham Children’s Initiative
  • Website: www.edci.org
  • Categories: Youth Empowerment

About: East Durham Children’s Initiative (EDCI) provides a pipeline of high-quality services from cradle to college or career for the children of East Durham. Services include early childhood home-visiting programs, parent and family support, a low-cost preschool, childcare access, in-school literacy interventions, health and nutrition services, community-building events, and more.

2016-17 DGIN funding helped cover the expenses of School Success toolkits that included a backpack, flash drive and books; transportation for students to attend field trips related to college and career pathways; and meals and child care for parents attending informational workshops about the Middle School Success program and other EDCI pipeline programs.

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