2020 ChapelĀ  Hill Rd. #23 Durham, NC 27707

About: Initiated as a volunteer effort in response to the lack of bilingual mental health treatment options for the growing Latino community across the Triangle, El Futuro was founded as a 501(c)(3) in 2004. Since that time, El Futuro has provided treatment to more than 10,000 Latino children and adults, with a mission to nurture stronger familias to live out their dreams. The nonprofit provides immigrant-welcoming (trauma-informed and culturally humble) bilingual mental health treatment in a welcoming, outpatient clinic environment of healing and hope. Additionally, the nonprofit provides school-based treatments and telehealth appointments for those who face logistical challenges in getting to El Futuro’s clinics.

201-209 DGIN Funding will support training for El Futuro clinicians in mental health training to support increasing Latino child and family trauma treatment in the Triangle

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