2020 Chapel  Hill Rd. #23 Durham, NC 27707

About: Initiated as a volunteer effort in response to the lack of bilingual mental health treatment options for the growing Latino community across the Triangle, El Futuro was founded as a 501(c)(3) in 2004. Since that time, El Futuro has provided treatment to more than 10,000 Latino children and adults, with a mission to nurture stronger familias to live out their dreams. The nonprofit provides immigrant-welcoming (trauma-informed and culturally humble) bilingual mental health treatment in a welcoming, outpatient clinic environment of healing and hope. Additionally, the nonprofit provides school-based treatments and telehealth appointments for those who face logistical challenges in getting to El Futuro’s clinics.

2018-19 DGIN Funding will support training for El Futuro clinicians in mental health brief treatment approaches. It will also support the evaluation of the rollout of brief treatment approaches with clients in the Triangle region (support for the Manager of Clinical Program’s time on evaluating this effort).

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