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DGIN recently funded these projects:

  • Drumming and Dancing Enrichment Club- A program that brought
    elements of drumming and dancing together to allow students to explore
    their artistic interests. Enrichment Clubs allowed students to stretch their
    thinking and experiment with new kinds of learning. It also helped students
    identify areas of strength that they may not have been aware of before.
  • Robotics Enrichment Club- A program that brought elements of technology
    and nature together to help students better understand the natural world
    through coding, digital storytelling, robotics, and augmented & virtual reality,
    3D printing and modeling, digital arts, making and digital learning. It helped
    students stretch their thinking, experiment with other kinds of learning and
    identify areas of strength they may not have been aware of.
  • Professional Development from WEARE (Working to Extend Anti-Racist
    Education) – A professional development course that helped teachers dig
    into the historical reasons behind systemic racism and how to move
    forward by engaging students in conversation and learning about positive
    self-images and racism. It provided teachers with some ideas of how to
    facilitate these conversations about race in their classrooms and to help
    promote an open dialogue with students.
  • Professional Development for Bridges Math- This professional
    development was essential for implementing a new Bridges Math
    curriculum for 2nd to 5th grade classrooms. As a result, teachers felt more
    confident in their implementation and saw academic growth from adhering
    to the curriculum with fidelity.
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