630 Weaver Dairy Rd #107 Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514

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  • Categories: Community Care Fund

Community Care Grant Project Name & Year Funded:

  • Young Warriors Program, 2012-2013

About Ligo Dojo of Budo Karate:

Ligo Dojo of Budo Karate’s mission is to strengthen the minds, bodies and hearts of young people through karate training, because hard physical training leads to increased spiritual strength and patience, which in turn leads to the ability to make better life decisions. To deepen relationships between people of diverse backgrounds through hard training, an inherent ‘equalizer’ between people. To strengthen American communities (starting in North Carolina, especially Durham) by thus strengthening individuals who might then serve as role models for other members of the community. To create individuals who are ‘community minded’ and open minded people who VALUE works for the sake of community rather than merely for personal economic and social advancement. To preserve, develop and propagate Mas Oyama’s Budo Karate throughout North America as an art form founded on principles of community and individual improvement.



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