DUMC 104425 Durham, NC 27710

Local Access to Coordinated Healthcare (LATCH) is a program of the Division of Community Health, Department of Community and Family Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine. LATCH provides services to uninsured and underinsured Durham County residents. LATCH works to improve enrollees’ health, improve their access to care, and increase their appropriate use of health services through a combination of bilingual outreach, care management, health education, service enhancement, and systems change. With its community partners, LATCH recognizes healthcare trends, identifies barriers confronting uninsured patients, and, working as a consortium, addresses and eliminates access barriers.

Ways LATCH has used DGIN funding include buying a walker, cane and a wheelchair for patients, a breast prosthesis and accompanying bra for a breast cancer patient, and covering a month of rent for a patient who had to choose to spend money on a crucial heart procedure over housing.

Learn more about their impact here.

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