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About: Suspension alone is not an effective solution for changing school behavior; In fact, each suspension increases the probability of justice involvement, academic failure and dropout. Often, undesirable behaviors originate from stress or trauma due to death, abuse, violence, or food and housing insecurity. Rebound’s mission is to provide a safe, supportive environment where Durham high school students on short-term suspension can build the resilience needed to achieve their goals. Programming helps students develop the skills and strategies needed to address root causes of behavior and reconnect with family, school and community resources to move forward in a positive way.

2017-18 DGIN funding will help cover program supplies and guest speaker fees for extended program hours and afterschool clubs; a stipend for school-based personnel (teacher or counselor) to participate in weekly afterschool clubs; and an Online Developmental Asset Survey, a tool by which program staff can engage in direct conversation with students about the resources and traits that are proven to lead to personal and academic success.

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