Duke Doing Good in the Neighborhood maintains a fund to respond to emergencies that affect our community and state.

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Hundreds of McDougald Terrace public housing residents in Durham have been evacuated amid reports of unsafe living conditions. Duke is committed to assisting displaced McDougald families.

Your gift, as a Duke employee, is powerful. Together, we can be good neighbors and make a collective impact by donating now. 100 percent of donations made between January 10 through January 31 will go to the United Way’s Durham One Fund to support McDougald Terrace families.

During the donation submission, when asked “Is there anything you’d like to share with Duke today?” please add your affiliation (faculty, staff, alum) and Duke unique ID (listed on your DukeCard) in the comment box.

Those already donating to the Emergency Relief Fund through payroll deduction will have donations directed to Durham One Fund during the above time period.

About the Duke Emergency Relief Fund

Duke established the Emergency Relief Fund during the 2018-19 fiscal year to support Hurricane Florence recovery efforts through the North Carolina Disaster Relief Fund. Since then, the fund has been available to help the Duke community quickly make a collective impact during emerging crises or disasters.